Present and future

You may remember I’ve mentioned my cat here before. And I’ve also written about my artistic interest in funerary urns. Well this past weekend I just brought home what will be the future urn for my cat’s ashes thanks to Py Simpson and Arturo at the Phoenix Gallery. It is titled (very appropriately I think), “Some Kitties Can Fly” and was part of a show memorializing the many pets who died from the food poisoning recall earlier this year. So far the cat doesn’t seem to care much. But looking at it now makes me smile, and I know I will cherish it forever. Preparing isn’t very hard to do if your heart is in the right spot. Now it’s time to start saving my pennies for my own container



  1. I have sold many sculptures since i began in 1996, but your purchase of Some kittens can fly touched me more than any other. J.C. was the inspiration for all the cat sculptures I did for that show all but one sold-which I have kept for myself and will never sell because I cherish it so much.I am very happy to have met you and be inspired by your lovely J.C. love P.Y. Simpson

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