Maybe I’ve been too serious

Girls and Corpses Magazine coverI’m sure in the study of death and dying there is a place for levity. Even in the most serious subjects there are anomalies where tucking something neatly into a predetermined category just won’t work. For instance, the Dewey Decimal System we’ve all grow up with is widely understood to be an imperfect classification. Which is why cataloging is a skill not even every librarian has. So you can understand why when I encounter strange crossovers I hesitate posting them because they might not fit neatly along with everything else. Or they’re just plain stupid. Or they’ve been done better elsewhere. Well, today is the day I throw caution to the wind. Yes, you can welcome me back.

To herald my return to blogging, lest anyone think for a moment that I’ve lost my sense of humor, I provide you Girls and Corpses Magazine. Can you believe this? Well, hurray for the alternative press. Just when you thought there wasn’t anything new under the sun…or the earth. I’m not normally into the horror/zombie genre but since this seems more like a girlie magazine than anything, I figured I’d make an exception.

I don’t think an extra category will be necessary. But I’ll keep it in mind.