Very personal histories

dietrich.jpgOne musical the other in letter form. First, a documentary on Jeff Buckley from the BBC that is a study in family history and a whole generation of musicians and artists. It may not be everyone’s schtick, but for me Buckley sang so beautifully it was almost a spiritual experience listening to him. This documentary gives a great glimpse into his personality and the music of two generations. Worth the time for a magical history tour. I’ve loved his songs for a while now and still had no idea he was involved in the Fluxus movement in New York.

And although a bit before my time, love letters reveal the hearts of not only the people involved but the time and circumstance that surrounded them. From the personal archives of Marlene Dietrich, letters that reveal the intimate friendship between her and Ernest Hemingway have been archived and are going to be shared with the public through the Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. “They adored each other, but there was no sexual thing,” said Dietrich’s daughter, Maria Riva. “They were buddies, they were friends, they were comrades in arms.” Makes me wish they were online. Hemingway must have written some wonderful love letters. (via Lux Lotus).