Changing perspectives

lightbulb.jpgWhen I first spotted the picture on the left I thought wouldn’t it be interesting if there was an instrument that could capture the very moment a person died. I wondered our life extinguishes in a similar way but our eyes can’t perceive it. If we examine something with a long perspective our vision and interpretation of it changes. It becomes more majestic, or more frightening, or both, like these pictures by a veteran storm chaser. They are quite beautiful in an awe inspiring kind of way. He has a whole section on his site about the long exposure shots like his require, but I’m assuming this must be difficult when being chased by a storm. There’s a metaphor for life in there somewhere, sandwiched between photography and storm chasing and the disasters those tornadoes have wrought in people’s lives over the last couple of days. I can sense a storm coming even if I can’t see it clearly in my own life. I see the effects of disasters on people’s lives on the news but my perspective is warped because the exposure is too narrow. Someone’s life is changing drastically this very moment but will there be more than a glimpse of that life left after the event is over? A single story? A sole photograph? These are sobering thoughts.