A personal digital history meme?

no21.jpgHow exciting! Now Dave Winer has two friends named Tori. I was catching up on my reading and he just posted this entry on his four ideas for the future and I am on board with all of them but especially idea number two.

Wendy and her friend from the insurance industry, Charles, and a few others have heard me go on endlessly about how insurance companies and cemeteries need to get with the program and work on what Dave calls “endowments” by partnering with folk who know something about accessing and preserving personal histories (i.e., librarians, usability specialists, archivists, etc.). That combined with trends like the one announced by Yahoo just this week are such good starts for an idea like this to blossom. So far most of my enthusiasm for this idea fallen only on the ears of a close cadre of like-minded people, but by mentioning it on his blog Dave’s comments could take root with some industrious engineer and potentially move this into the realm of possibility. Of course, it’s not just about storage, it’s also about retrieval and organization, but I think that once the idea becomes important enough to people of this generation, it will be unstoppable. Thank you Dave for the validation! Yours is the kind of post that keeps me keeping on. Boo-yah.