The message in the medium

godtube.jpgOr is it the ghost in the machine. Anyway, was it only a matter of time? GodTube appears to be a mix between This Week in God with little personal documentaries ala Friends of God. The variety is actually pretty interesting by which I mean I’m not sure if it is satire or serious, or both. And it seems this trend towards differing HolyTubes will only get worse. I’m afraid I’m speechless, and I’m sure Richard Dawkins is apoplectic.


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  1. I can’t believe I spent upwards of an hour looking at videos on there. My favorite is a draw between the Australian guy trying to convince me that Bananas were no doubt created by god and the Priest doing taste comparisons on communion wafers. Oddly enough another popular website gone theological was brought to my attention recently called Conservepidia. Scary…

    Richard Dawkins however is probably pretty happy about this one though.

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