Funerals online

Peter Power, Photographing GriefIf you didn’t already see this post you’ve come to the right place. The S. Clark & Son funeral home in Northern Ireland is offering netcasted funerals as an optional free service. What you won’t see on Boing Boing was a similar observation posted a couple weeks ago on the Respectance blog about a man in Iraq attending his father’s funeral in Michigan via the internet, but in his instance a friend helped make the equipment setup possible. And as remarkable as this all sounds, “casket cams” are nothing new. has been promoting similar services since 2001 (and lest they miss a market opportunity, they do weddings too).

Eventually there will be no reason to be disappointed at folks who can’t possibly make the trip out west to see old Uncle Art get planted. Now they can watch from the comfort of their own easy chair. I could make all kinds of puns out of this one but I’ll spare you because all that netcasting stuff is so last millennium. If I really wanted to blow your mind, this is where I would say virtual grief gets a little, well, strange.