Belief is hard

fsm3.gifOr is it faith that’s hard. I can’t decide. Maybe both. Especially for someone who is either hyper critical or deeply cynical. Maybe both. Of course it doesn’t help that questioning and inquiry is just part of our nature. Take this story about a cemetery that is the site of Texas’ most famous UFO crash. What was it that made the X-Files compelling anyway? Wasn’t it that we all wanted to believe, but of course it all seemed so fantastic that we couldn’t? Like the last time we believed our parents when they told us about the tooth fairy, or the Easter Bunny and we found out they were lying. What a bummer that was. Sometimes I get close, like Mary Roach did when she was researching her book Spook. Which I thought was a great read. She really wanted to believe and you could tell that the only thing hiding her disappointment was her sense of humor. That’s part of our nature too. Sometimes we laugh when there’s no other practical response. And so it goes*.

(*what Tralfamadorians say whenever someone or something dies.)

UPDATE: Speaking of laughing, sounds like George Carlin finds it hard to believe too. Remember, it’s Carlin, and it’s comedy. Just a warning, some of it might be offensive to some people.