Lupe, from Jessica JoslinMost people I know understand how attached I am to my cat. Jimmy Stewart had his Pooka, I have my Sphynx. It’s simple and complex at the same time. So this issue of wanting to be buried with your companion pet is not all that unreasonable or hard to understand. At least to me. Of course the Catholic Church has issues. They always have issues. But the simple fact that I have spent so much time with this animal who has been my constant companion for, well years now, means that I’ve actually thought a great deal about what is going to happen if he should predecease me. Which is likely. He is a cat after all. So I have hired artists to paint his portrait (his image will even be part of an art show in Sacramento in May to my surprise). And even besides burial I’ve considered other options. Ultimately it would be sweet to know that where I go he goes, as it has always been. If there is a heaven, it must include pets, or in my opinion it wouldn’t be much of a paradise at all.

(Photo from website of artist Jessica Joslin)