But what if a bear ate her?

Edward GoreyIt’s because I’m in a silly mood. Or maybe it’s just her picture. But I’m not sure I’d want her tossing my ashes. White is just not the color I think of when I think wilderness trek. (Now that I think of it, maybe a handsome MacGyver/Survivorman type to take my ashes to the tiptop of Mt. Rainier or skydive with them out of an airplane…now that I might go for. Heh.)

I actually like cemeteries as parks and believe they serve a useful societal function. I don’t have issues with cremation but you have to admit, burial also supports other pursuits like taphophilia, genealogy and archeology. Yes, we all turn to dust eventually, but sometimes we also leave signs of our existence behind.

Lastly, this is a complete non-sequitar, but I found it while Stumbling around on the internets and remembered how much Edward Gorey’s drawings make me laugh. Happy Monday. (Thanks Triviaqueen!)