Useful habits

cellphonejpg.jpgEven though my cellphone makes me uncomfortable and frustrated at times, I do like one of its features and that’s the ability to carry around my voice mail messages with me. I love the voices of others as much as I love listening to the radio. I suspect I will save the last voice mail message my mother left for me for as long as the technology will let me since I play it to myself when I miss her.

Which brings me to a connection with today’s Oscars (believe it or not) and the fact that ordinary people are using their cell phones to record personal memories. Like the winner of the 2006 CellFlix Fesitval. A thirty second love story shot entirely with a cell phone. Now its this kind of thing I think more people are doing than we know. And these are things that you’d put in your digital shoebox and save because they capture the fleeting moment so well.

Someday it would be fun to make a collage of all the “hi tori” voices saved on my cell phone. Now if only I had the technology to do that! Like a Flickr for messages. Until then, if you leave me an endearing message it is very likely that I’ll be keeping it. And I bet I’m not the only one.

Update: I called it! (ugh, bad pun.) Apparently with my last wish and this post I was channeling Apple’s latest iphone commercial officially revealed at tonight’s Oscars (see, you must believe). I love it when my imagination sometimes makes sense.