Day of Ashes

Mom used to take us to church on Ash Wednesday so we could get little thumb prints of ash on our foreheads. We were told not to wash them off. I wore mine proudly even though I had no clue what it meant. I think I just liked the temporary tattoo. Now I know its deeper meaning and although I don’t go to church, I think having a tradition that reminds us of our mortality is a good thing.

So, for today’s memento mori an intense, weird, artistic, morbid, but interesting video where a talking MGM lion (almost gleefully) gives a soliloqy on dying and reminds us to value the time when we’re alive.

(Directed by Dennis Palazzolo. Narrated by Vito Acconci. From the book “You’re going to die”, written by Timothy Furstnau. Via Backwards City)