Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog. Blame it on Matty Sallin actually. He’s the one who sat me down and insisted I start putting all this stuff I was collecting “somewhere where we can all find it!” instead of carrying around my folder full of printouts. Thanks for the encouragement buddy. I guess I resisted this whole blogging thing long enough to lodge a protest and now it’s down to creating my own personal archive.

What has been causing most of my procrastinating is that there is just so much to catch up with. Over the next few weeks please forgive me if I’ve already mentioned some of it already in various emails (but on the bright side, I promise not to spam my lists again).

Also, if you find anything interesting (like this Janet Spencer sent to me just a few days ago – thanks Ms. Trivia Queen) please do forward it along and I’ll put it here for everyone to see. I’ll be depending on all your support, as always.

There is a discussion among librarians recently tentatively labeled the slow library movement that I find very compelling. It has to do calming librarians panicked about keeping up with web 2.0 technologies. It hasn’t quite taken root yet but is an evolving discussion encouraging librarians to continue playing with ideas and stop worrying about being left behind. Slowness, like with the slow food movement where their inspiration came from, has to remain part of the equation when it comes to social life. And it fits the theme of this blog too. A reflection on life and death forces us to slow down, to observe and reflect as well as create. I’m glad you’re here to share it with me.